Thursday, January 2, 2014

Why taken at 17?!


Dear Katelyn ,
I doubt you’d remember my name, but the kids at school call me Jae.
Today I saw your name in the news….you were killed from a sledding accident at your friends. Tuesday, December 31, 2013 you were taken from this place.
Katelyn, you’re dead.

Gurl, I’m a crybaby. Why’d you have to make me cry again?
I try to stop thinking about you.
But I can’t. You’re constantly on my mind.
It’s hard for me to eat…or even function for that matter.
I’m glad there’s spell correction on this thing…cuz my shaky hands keep hitting the wrong keys.
I saw you at the school so many times.
I ran track with you, too.
Your boyfriend, Alex, you’ve been with for so long, lives only a few miles from our place.
Katelyn, you were only 17—a junior! Why’d you have to leave so early? You ever think it wouldn’t be fair for people to live without you? 

I can envision you walking through the hallways at school.
You were so beautiful.
You had this beautiful long, black hair that hung to the middle of your back with thick side bangs you’d bobby-pin back when doing anything active.
You know I was jealous. ;)
When I get up to heaven can you teach me how to do my hair like yours?
I really loved your smile, too.
And that cute dimple on your right cheek? I wish I looked like you.
How’d you get so damn pretty? 

I wish I coulda called you my friend…but we were actually acquaintances.
 We only talked a few times.
And we exchanged smiles once in a while.
But we never hung out.
Why hadn’t I officially introduced myself?
You were so perfect, why didn’t I take time for you?
There was something about you that made you look just a little sad..and I wasn’t there to ask you what was wrong or to comfort you.
Why didn’t I do that?
We could’ve got to know each other so well! We had so many of the same interests. Why did it take me so long to realize this? 

The last time I saw you, we were getting ready in the locker room—you for a run with Alex and I for basketball practice. 
I didn’t realize it was the last time on earth I’d see you.
Why hadn’t I said anything more? 

I remember you one time as “Student of the Week”.
You were the tennis captain.
You were good at all sports.
You were so fit and athletic.
You were on the speech team with my brother.
You played music for the high school band.
You played a role in many of the high school plays.
I don’t think Alex coud’ve asked for a better girlfriend.
Or your parents for a better daughter.
Why was your life cut so short?
I want to think God made a mistake…
Your parents are shocked and at a loss for words.
Your boyfriend might choose suicide just to be with you.
Your friends, Katelyn, they need you!
With so many heartbroken because of the accident, how is something good going to come out of this?
When I settle down and get a chance to rethink this through, I’ll see that maybe you’re so much happier up there in heaven.
But…right now….
I just miss you so much and hope to see you in heaven sometime.
When I get there can we go out to coffee then maybe a sleepover or something?

I love you Katelyn Hank. <3 
XO, Jae Connolly